Chimney Inspections and Sweeps

Chad Murray

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Chimney Inspections and Sweeps

The chimney can sometimes become a forgotten part of the home. When the chimney isn’t in use during the warm summer months, it’s easy to forget about maintenance and cleaning. However, when the cold winter sets in, it’s imperative that you hire a professional Houston chimney sweep company to clean out soot and debris that may have accumulated during the dormant months.


Hire Certified Chimney Sweep Technicians

Our team of professionals has been cleaning chimney flues for over 20 years and has performed over 50,000 chimney sweeps in Houston. The qualified technicians at Masters Services have the expertise and knowledge to inspect your chimney, assess the problem areas, and clean the flue so that you have peace of mind that your chimney is ready for winter. Not maintaining your chimney yearly is a potential fire hazard that could lead to costly damage. Don’t wait until there is a problem to contact the highly skilled certified chimney sweep technicians at Masters Services. Call today for a free estimate.

Camera Chimney Inspection Report

Before the cleaning begins, the professionals at Masters Services will first perform an inspection to see inside the chimney and check for damage or problem areas. Just looking inside the chimney with a flashlight isn’t enough to really see inside the entire chimney. For this reason, the Houston chimney sweep process begins with a camera inspection. This inspection is completed like a home inspector’s report. Pictures of every repair are documented on this report. A camera is sent up the chimney and then that video is available for you to view on the invoice. These reports are easy to understand and will include information about necessary repairs and code violations.


Houston Chimney Sweeping Facts

Every single part of the chimney will be inspected before the beginning the chimney sweep, including the chimney and firebox. Inspections are done to provide details about the findings as technicians will look for moisture, fire, or animal damage that may have occurred over time. Should something need to be repaired or fixed, the technician will take care of the problem before beginning the chimney sweep.

3rd Degree Glazed Creosote

Homeowners may be surprised to find how dirty the chimney flue really is. If the flue hasn’t been maintained for quite some time, 3rd degree glazed creosote may be present. Should this be the case, a stage 3 creosote cleaning is required before a chimney sweep can occur. For this process, a dissolving material is poured down the chimney and left to break down the creosote for 2 days. After the dissolving has stopped, then a chimney sweep is performed to finish the cleaning process.


The Masters Services Chimney Sweep Process

  • 1

    Set up Trap

  • 2

    Bring in equipment

  • 3

    Turn on vacuum, Vacuum will clear up all the falling


(Type of chimney sweep quoted over the phone) 1st Stage Creosote is Removed

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