The chimney is an important part of a burning fire. It properly vents smoke and protects your home from fire hazard. For this reason, it is important that your chimney receive proper maintenance and repairs.


Chimney Inspections

Yearly chimney inspections are a good idea to ensure your chimney is in proper working order. Master chimney technicians from Masters Services are highly skilled in chimney inspections. We use top of the line camera equipment to get inside your Houston chimney and document what we find. After each inspection, we will make recommendations and repairs if necessary. After an inspection, a chimney sweep may be performed to properly clean out the soot from burning fires over the previous winter. If significant damage is noted, further repairs or even rebuilding of the chimney could be required.

Chimney Rebuild Options

Whether your chimney is crumbling and leaking water into your house, in complete disarray or not up to code, our team of professionals can tear down and work to rebuild your chimney in Houston as it should be. We specialize in both masonry chimney cases and prefabricated chimney cases. The first step is to tear down the chimney to the roof. Next, Masters Services chimney experts will begin the rebuilding process, starting with the flashing around the base and continuing up, using a brick that is similar in size and color to match the existing chimney. The final step to rebuilding a mortar chimney in Houston is to add a chimney cap to keep out moisture and create a waterproof seal. Prefabricated chimneys made out of wood also cause leaking as they rot and decay over time. Professionals at Masters Services will rebuild prefabricated chimney cases and also ensure the piping is properly placed with a new chimney cap securely fastened to the top.


Promoting Efficient Chimneys in Houston

Chimneys and fireplaces are wonderful to have but can cost more in the long run if not properly maintained. Because of the air flow in and out of a chimney, your energy bill can run high. Solve this problem with professional installation of a chimney damper. A chimney damper will seal off your chimney when not in use and save you hundreds of dollars each year. If you notice you have a chimney damper but it is old, rusted, or warped, it may not be efficiently doing its job. Masters Services will inspect and replace your chimney damper with an Energy Top and Seal Tight damper that is guaranteed to be energy efficient for your home.

Additionally, Houston chimneys that haven’t been inspected or maintained regularly could be prone to leaking water. Our experts recommend Chimney Saver Water-Base Water Repellent to treat the brick and mortar and keep water out. This repellent is safe and vapor-permeable so that there is no risk of vapors remaining trapped inside the chimney. It binds to the brick and mortar without leaving behind a shiny residue so that you can maintain the look of your beautiful brick chimney. For protection from leaks, mildew, and fungus, this water-based repellent is the way to go.

Smoke chambers and flues in Houston chimneys are also prone to cracking and defects over time. Any flaw in a chimney that isn’t noticed and dealt with is always a potential fire hazard. Sealing the smoke chamber with refractory mortar will ensure your chimney is fireproof. Also, relining the flue with a ceramic spray will take care of cracks and gaps that have happened over time. The advantage of our experienced technicians using a unique ceramic spray is that this is a virtually mess-free process with little clean up involved.

It’s always a good idea to call upon a reliable and highly recommended company with experience inspecting and repairing chimneys in Houston. Masters Services is committed to doing the job right so that you can know your fireplace is safe and ready to use.

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